Experience the crunchy outside, soft inside of our popular apple cider donuts coated with cinnamon-sugar or topped with caramel icing! Bite into a blueberry or glazed pumpkin donut or try a maple iced. Our donuts are made fresh every day for you! They are a fall tradition in our area but the good news is that we make them all year round!


Homemade Fudge

Few things can satisfy a sweet tooth like pure chocolate — and that’s what our traditional, plain Chocolate fudge delivers. With each bite you get an addictive, dense hit of straight milk chocolate flavor that, like any good chocolate, coats the tongue with cream and lingers for a long, sweet finish.


We’re talking about FAMILY recipes that have endured through the years and have brought back repeat visitors over and over again for a slice of pie from heaven! These are a great addition to any dinner get-together, event, or a special evening in. Our pies are pure apple heaven with a simply wonderful crumbly crust topping to give your taste buds an extra treat. Our pies are baked fresh daily for you and your family or friends!


Customer Reviews & Testimonials

  • “I don’t have children, but I think they would absolutely love it. It’s beautiful countryside with lots of activities for the young ones. The donuts and cider are fantastic, and the country store is incredibly unique where I found some cute halloween decorations that were truely original.”

  • “A cute little store with awesome donuts and cider. If you want to find a unique, one of a kind gift, try looking here!”

  • “Great place to get doughnuts. We like the cinnamon apple cider doughnuts!”

  • “Great frozen apple cider. Located right past the subway and gas station.”

  • “Fantastic Cider and Pies. Love it! Every Saturday in the Original Owosso Farmers Market. Delicious”

  • “A great source of “homemade” (as in “like Granma use ta make” kind of homemade) delicious stuff plus a lot of added homespun things for in and around the house. We try to make a trip there at least every other week! And lots of fun stuff for the kids and adults alike. If you’re in Ithaca, you really should stop there!”

  • “Donuts and cider awesome!!! From Nashville. Sweet customer service. Love !!”

  • “These People Are So Very Kind & Everything They Bake Is Out Of This World! From The Pumpkin Donuts To Their Scrumptous Peach Pie. Their Prices Are So Reasonable & I Really Am So Appreciative Of The Little Pies That I Will Pick Up Tomorrow at The Bath Market. I Truly Load Up For When My Girls Come.. Awesome! YUMMY”

  • “Just did my second batch of strawberry jam from berries purchased at this cute little store in Ithaca. Their berries, in season, are marvelous….not to mention their pies, fudge & donuts. Also purchased plants from them & they are thriving!!! Can’t wait til apple season!!!”